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Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs is a serious offense that can earn you penalties, especially if this isn’t the first time you committed this offense. Every state has strict guidelines on DUI cases, with the state of Illinois having one of the most aggressive policies towards those guilty of committing this act. If you are pulled over or charged with DUI, you need to act immediately and get a trusted Lyons DUI attorney who will protect your rights. Chicago Criminal Defense Attorneys is here and ready to help you out with the right legal support for your case.

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Our DUI lawyers are familiar with the state’s DUI laws, allowing us to determine the best defense for your situation. Whether you are a first-time offender or a repeat one, our team will negotiate with the affected parties to help you get a lower sentence or get it waived altogether. If the case goes to court, we will make sure that you are given a fair trial and get your rights recognized.

When you ask for our help, we will immediately consider all the available defense strategies for your situation and work closely with you to identify the best approach that will get you the best results. Once the defense is identified, we will work zealously to get the outcome that will clear your personal records.

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DUI Laws in Lyons

As mentioned above, Illinois has one of the toughest laws for DUI in the country. The state constantly adopts new laws and provisions to update its DUI law. The Statutory Summary Suspension is immediately put into effect when you are arrested for DUI, disabling you from exercising your driving privileges for a set amount of time. Your car will also be impounded, and to get it back, you will have to pay a huge fine. If this is not your first time committing DUI, you will be facing a lengthy trial and a hefty bill.

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First and second-time DUI offenders are charged with misdemeanors if proven guilty of the crime. For multiple DUIs in one’s driver history, the charge will be raised to a felony DUI. Misdemeanor DUI can also become a felony DUI if one of these conditions are present:

  • The driver caused an accident that caused grave injury or death while under the influence.
  • The driver did not have a valid driver’s license during their arrest.
  • The driver did not have any insurance during the DUI citation.
  • The driver was driving under the influence while a child or a minor was in the car, and they were injured during the accident.
  • The driver was driving a school bus while under the influence.

A Class A misdemeanor can lead to a maximum penalty of a $2,500 fine and a year of imprisonment. However, if the DUI did not cause an accident and this is the first time it was committed, a fine and court supervision may be ordered. Court supervision is not possible if this is the second or third DUI offense. It may be considered a Class 2 or Class 4 felony that has a sentence of one to seven years in prison.

Fortunately, you can get through the entire legal process and mount a strong defense if you have a trustworthy Lyons DUI attorney by your side. Chicago Criminal Defense Attorneys will assign one of our Lyons DUI attorneys to focus on your case and be your support during this case.

Comprehensive DUI Defense

Our Lyons, IL criminal law firm is always ready to help first-time offenders, repeat offenders, and the wrongly accused for any type of crime.

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Your assigned attorney will check all the factors regarding your case, including the evidence presented and your criminal history if there is any. Chicago Criminal Defense Attorneys has the knowledge, skill, and experience to create the suitable defense that will get the best outcome for the case and make sure it matches your specific circumstances.

Here is a short list of defensible DUI charges that can be brought against you:

1. DUI – Alcohol
2. DUI – Drugs
3. DUI – Medication
4. Extreme DUI
5. Super Extreme DUI
6. DUI with a Prior DUI Conviction
7. Extreme DUI with a Prior DUI Conviction
8. Super Extreme DUI with a Prior DUI Conviction
9. Aggravated (Felony) DUI – Suspended, Revoked, Refused, or Restricted License
10. Aggravated (Felony) DUI – Ignition Interlock DUI
11. Aggravated (Felony) DUI – Third DUI within Seven Years
12. Aggravated (Felony) DUI – Kids in Car
13. Hit and Run (a.k.a. Leaving the Scene)
14. Vehicular Endangerment
15. Vehicular Aggravated Assault
16. Felony Flight
17. Vehicular Manslaughter
18. Vehicular Homicide
19. Vehicular Murder- 1st Degree
20. Vehicular Murder- 2nd Degree

No matter which charge is brought against you, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorneys offers insightful, honest, and aggressive legal support and representation that will support you throughout your case.

We have a free consultation service available if you have any questions or if you want to learn more about our legal services.

Aggressive Defense with Proven Results

Considering the strict DUI policies in Illinois, it is important that you have a Lyons DUI attorney who can explain all of these laws to you and help you with your case.

It is not uncommon to hear about DUI cases that are not applicable to your situation. Many drivers are charged with DUI even if they did not violate the law. Sometimes, the reason they were charged with DUI is that they were given poorly administered field sobriety tests by untrained police officers. There are also times when the breath and blood alcohol equipment is not working.

If this is your situation and you are being charged with harsh penalties, contact our Lyons, IL law firm immediately. Chicago Criminal Defense Attorneys can check the case for you and use effective defense strategies that will help clear your name and get the cases dropped. Our testimonial page shows our success rate and how well we handle cases for our clients regardless of the type of case they are facing.

Here are some of the defense strategies that we can utilize for your case:

1. No actual physical control – You were not the one driving the vehicle during the incident, or there was a mechanical failure that somehow caused the problem.
2. Stopped with no reasonable suspicion – There are no signs that you are intoxicated, and you have obeyed all traffic laws, but you got pulled over.
3. Arrested with no probable cause – You were arrested after being pulled over without even checking if you were intoxicated through a field sobriety test. You were also arrested without any arrest warrant presented, and there are no open containers in your vehicle.
4. Poorly facilitated Field Sobriety Test (FST) – The arresting officer did not follow the right protocol when doing the Field Sobriety Test, or they are not trained to do it well.
5. Right to counsel was denied – The arresting officer did not allow you to speak to your lawyer, and the police continued to ask you questions without respecting your right to be represented by a legal team.
6. Miranda rights were not read – You were arrested without your rights being read by the police.
7. Breath testing kit was inaccurate – The equipment used to check your BAC was inaccurate, faulty, or incorrect. The result must be reflective of your actual alcohol intake for it to be a qualified DUI case.
8. “Rising BAC” defense – One’s blood alcohol levels will continue to rise up for 2 hours even after you stop drinking. If the blood or breathalyzer test is not done in a timely manner, it is possible that even though you have a high BAC during the test, you may have been below the limit when you were driving.
9. Independent test was denied – You are allowed to request a 3rd party blood alcohol test if you believe that the police-administered BAC test is flawed. If the police deny your request, you can contest the test they made in court.

Chicago Criminal Defense Attorneys will assess your case to determine which one of these defenses works well to get the charges reduced or dropped completely. We know that every case is unique, which is why we will take our time to know all the factors involved in your case to determine how we can personalize the defense for your case.

Experienced Lyons DUI Attorney

When it comes to handling DUI cases of any type and severity, you won’t go wrong with our Lyons DUI attorney at Chicago Criminal Defense Attorneys.

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For us, we believe that a personalized defense is better than just picking a tried defense for another case. We will review all the facts and evidence for your case and learn your side of the story and your desired outcome to design the right defense that will achieve the best result.

Chicago Criminal Defense Attorneys is also passionate in its efforts to help clients achieve their freedom and protect their rights. We will be by your side throughout the case, from start to finish, in order to help you fully comprehend the proceedings and prepare you for all the possible outcomes. Our team will also use multiple defense strategies and adjust them as the trials proceed. Every decision we make has your interest in mind, and we will also inform you, so you understand how it will affect the case.

We will do our utmost best to explore all the possible solutions for your case and aggressively defend you in court until the charges are reduced or dismissed.

Free Legal Consultation

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If you are accused or charged with a DUI case in Lyons, you definitely need someone who can guide you through the legal process, considering how strict the laws are in Illinois city. A talented and experienced Lyons DUI defense attorney will definitely do the trick and increase your chances of getting your sentence reduced or the case dropped.

Whether this is your first DUI offense or you are innocent of the charges put against you, our DUI lawyers are ready to defend you in court and explain everything you need to know about the case.

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